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Client Testimonials

My passion for concussion awareness and advocacy landed me a speaking engagement at the Women's Power Networking quarterly meeting. I will be speaking as a parent and sharing from my heart. The audience will include parents with children involved in most youth sports, including but not limited to lacrosse, soccer, basketball and football...I am so grateful for meeting you. The work you are doing will save so many lives. You returned to Sarah her health, confidence and hope. You returned to me my daughter.
- Linda Chiles
I began the treatment program by Dr. Williams with much doubt as to it being effective. No one in the Cluster Community has gone in this direction. I had tried every possible cure. I had lost hope and was giving up. I am so happy to say that being cluster free, especially during the last four months which is my typical in season cluster cycle, has given me my life back. I am so grateful to Dr. Williams and his concern and efforts in conquering my pain. I truly believe that his treatments have impacted me to my benefit. This treatment would be a Godsend to every person who suffers from Cluster Headaches.
- Michael Russo